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Village Of Woodridge

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Village of Woodridge Refuse Management

Village Of Woodridge

Effective September 1, 2024, stickers will no longer be used for refuse or yard waste. Click here to sign up online with a 35, 65, or 95 gallon cart for refuse service. You can also contact Groot at 888-485-0900 to sign up for service.

If you have unused stickers, please contact Groot at 888-485-0900 for credit information for up to 60 days after August 31, 2024.

Please click here for a copy of the Village brochure.

Refuse Collection: Groot will provide a 35, 65, or 95 gallon cart for unlimited refuse collection. Refuse outside the cart will be collected as long as it is properly prepared (35 gallon container, smaller rigid container or plastic bag not to exceed 50lbs).

Please contact Groot at 888-485-0900 for further details and pricing.

Recycling Collection:

Groot will provide a 65 gallon cart designated for recyclable material only.

Please click here for a list of recyclable items.

Senior Citizen Discount:

Seniors Citizens aged 65 and older are eligible to receive a 15% discount by calling (630) 719-2905.

Yard Waste Collection:

Groot will collect unlimited amounts of yard waste during the first full week in April through the second full week in December. Landscape waste collection will take place on the same day as refuse and recycling collection. You may either put yard waste in either a 35 gallon kraft paper bag or an unlined 35 gallon rigid container.

Grass clippings, leaves, twigs, garden debris, weeds, fruits, seeds, stalks, and vines may be placed at the curb on the regularly scheduled service day. Brush should be packaged in bundles no more than 4 feet in length and 2 feet in diameter.

Yard waste does not include sod, landscaping timbers, mulch or any type of rock. These items must be placed in the regular refuse. Landscape timbers must be cut into 4 foot lengths and put out as refuse.

Compost Collection:

Upon request, Groot will provide an optional Landscape Waste/Compost Waste monthly cart service during the landscape season for an additional fee. Please call 888-485-0900 for pricing and details.

Free Leaf Pick Up:

Free leaf pick up will be offered on a residents first 6 scheduled pick ups November 1st through December 12th. An unlimited number of leaves placed in kraft paper bags or biodegradable paper bags, can be placed at the curb for collection without stickers. These bags may contain leaves only. Brush, grass clippings, and other landscape waste are not permitted for this leaf pick up program.

Christmas Trees:

On your first two scheduled pick up days in January, residents may leave live Christmas trees up to 6' tall at the curb with no sticker attached. Trees must be clean of any decorations, wire and lights and not placed in plastic bags. Wreaths and evergreen garland will not be accepted.

Bulk Items and Construction Debris:

Residents will be provided curbside collection of one bulk items, under 50 pounds, which can be safely collected by one Groot collector. Items exceeding 50 lbs in weight will be an additional charge. Bulk items include: boxes, barrels, crates, household furniture, and similar items that do not fit into a proper container and can be collected/lifted by one driver without assistance. Exceptions include items which are banned from direct disposal into a landfill (appliances, tires, car batteries and electronic waste).

Material (such as carpet) must be securely tied in bundles no bigger than 4 feet long, 2 feet in diameter and up to 50 pounds. Materials may also be placed in a 35 gallon container. For larger amounts of construction or remodeling debris, contact Groot at (888) 485-0900.

Electronic Waste and White Goods:

Since 1994, the Illinois EPA has prohibited the disposal of items containing chlorofluorocarbon gases or other contaminants. These white goods include refrigerators, washers, dryers, freezers, air conditioners, furnaces, dishwashers, stoves, water heaters, humidifiers and dehumidifiers. Please call Groot (888) 485-0900 for pricing to dispose of these items.

As of January 1, 2013, the disposal of electronics in landfills is also prohibited. This includes computers, monitors, TV's, printers, DVS/VCR's, fax machines, radios, toner cartridges, microwaves, vacuums and small appliances (coffee makers, hair dryers, etc.). To dispose of these item, please contact Groot with advance payment and 48 hours notice.

Clean up Day:

Clean up day is the first full week of October on your regularly scheduled service day. During this week residents are allowed to dispose of an unlimited amount of refuse. All items must be bundled, bagged and otherwise prepared for pick up as they would on a regular collection day. No stickers are required of residents who use the toter service and are billed directly by Groot.

Clean Up Day does not apply to building materials, tires, hazardous waste, or electronics.

Observed Holidays:

Observed holidays include New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day. If any of these holidays fall on a Sunday, Monday is considered the actual holiday. Pick-up schedules for holidays will be affected as follows:

If the holiday falls on a:

  • Sunday or Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday

Then the schedule changes as follows:

  • Monday will be picked up on Tues. and Tues. will be picked up on Weds.
  • Tuesday will picked up Wednesday
  • No Changes
  • Thursday will be picked up on Friday and Friday will be picked up on Sat
  • Friday will be picked up on Saturday
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