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Energy & Environmental Fee

Illinois Energy and Environmental Fees

The Energy/Environmental Fee shown on the customer's invoice is determined by the most recently published data from the Energy Information Administration of the U. S. Department of Energy ("EIA/DOE"). The Energy component is calculated by determining the Monthly Average price per gallon (Midwest) and will always result in a one-month lag. Here is a link to the EIA/DOE index website.

Over the last several years the Company has incurred various fees, taxes, and other expenses related to environmental compliance and governmental intervention. These fees are beyond the operating costs that the Company can control and are the result of governmental regulation and legislation at the Federal, State, and local levels. The Company has a 10% environmental charge that is a separate component of our Energy/Environmental Charge. The Environmental Component of the Energy/Environmental Fee is being implemented on a company wide basis. Example of these taxes, fees, and expenses are:

  • State of Illinois Landfill Taxes including the most recent tax of $1.15 per ton for the Illinois Solid Waste Management Fee.
  • Ongoing remediation fees/taxes for landfills prior to the enactment of Subtitle D including the tax of $ .12 per ton for Illinois Subtitle D regulation.
  • Various fees/taxes charged by host communities where landfills and transfer stations are located.
  • Numerous environmental fees charged by landfills and transfer stations for ongoing environmental compliance and closure/post closure costs.
  • Increased vehicle costs relating to new air emission standards and regulations.
  • Increased insurance costs related to environmental regulations.

The Environmental portion of the fee is not tied to any specific, direct or indirect expense incurred to service an account, rather the overall expense on a Company wide basis.

The Energy/Environmental Fee is a Company charge not imposed by or remitted to any governmental or regulatory agency. The Energy/Environmental Fee percentages may be changed at the discretion of Groot Industries, Inc.

Thank you.

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