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Custom Waste Collection for All Types of Businesses

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all business model, so why should a business expect a one-size-fits-all waste collection solution? Groot's custom waste collection services address the unique needs of each business to craft a solution that fits its individual needs. This process can not only help save a business money, but it can also make recycling easier for employees, customers, and building occupants.

Types of Businesses

As a popular provider of waste collection services in Illinois, Groot works with a wide variety of business types. From multi-resident properties with waste collection receptacles throughout the building to construction sites using roll-off dumpsters for responsible recycling. Each business has its own collection schedule and receptacle needs and our professionals work to come up with a custom waste disposal plan that works.

One important part of our custom waste management solutions is placement of collection bins. While some businesses prefer centralized recycling bins located in high-traffic areas of a work unit, others want to provide one small bin for each office space to increase recycling participation among building occupants.

Temporary Waste Disposal

For construction sites, needs are often more temporary. Groot works with businesses throughout Chicago to regularly provide customized waste management for construction and demolition projects. For these temporary custom waste collection needs, we usually recommend one of our roll-off dumpsters, which can be removed and replaced on a schedule that is determined by the needs of each site.

To help a business save money, as part of our customized waste collection services, we help decide the best recycling options for an individual site. Often a business can save money by setting up separate bins for each type of material to be recycled. Other businesses may have such low recycling volume, separation at Groot's recycling facilities may be preferred.


Because we can work with a business to create custom waste collection options that are best for it, we often can provide a solution to meet every budget. Many Chicago businesses find that custom waste management solutions are the best way to meet their own unique needs while still keeping costs low.

For Chicago-area businesses in need of recycling and waste collection, Groot's custom waste collection services are the best option. Whether you need temporary removal of waste at a construction site or a weekly collection solution for your own business, we can create the best suite of services to fit your own business needs.

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