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Algonquin Township

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Algonquin Township Collection Services

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Curbside Collection Program:

Residents will be required to have their containers at the curb by 6:00 a.m. on their designated collection day. Service will take place Tuesday – Friday. Please download the Groot app to find your designated service day.

Residents will be provided with one (1) 95 gallon refuse cart and one (1) 65 gallon recycle cart.

Refuse outside the cart will be collected as long as it is properly prepared (35 gallon container, smaller rigid container or plastic bag not to exceed 50lbs).

Recycling outside of the cart will be collected as long as it properly prepared (smaller rigid container not to exceed 50lbs).

Special Needs/Back Door collection is available (for an additional fee) for residents who are disabled, elderly, or have long driveways to provide service for refuse only at the back door (top of driveway) and left curbside after servicing. Please contact Groot to apply.

The Groot app is available to view your next collection date, receive important messages from Groot, search the Waste Wizard for items that are recyclable, pay your bill, and contact our customer service department.

Construction Demolition Debris:

Construction debris will be collected from small remodeling projects each week in lieu of one bulk item (not to exceed 1 cubic yard). It must be cut to no more than 4 feet in length and no larger than 2 feet in diameter and bundled or placed in an approved container that does not exceed 50 pounds in weight. Please contact Groot at (847) 734-6400 for more details.

Bulk & Oversized Item Disposal:

Residents will be provided curbside collection of one bulk item, under 50 pounds, on a weekly basis which can be safely collected by one Groot collector at no charge. Items exceeding 50 lbs in weight will be and additional charge.

Bulk items include: boxes, barrels, crates, furniture, and similar items that do not fit into a proper container and can be collected/lifted by one driver without assistance. Exceptions include items which are banned from direct disposal into a landfill. (appliances, tires, car batteries, TV’s, electronic waste).

Oversized and overweight items will be collected for an additional fee. Oversized/overweight items are any single large or extra heavy item that will require the resident to schedule a special pick-up. An example of an oversized item is a piano, hot tub or any item that requires two or more people to lift. A per item fee of will apply for each oversized item and residents will be required to call Groot at 847-734-6400 to schedule a pick in advance.

Senior Citizens Discount:

Single-family households where the head of the household is age 65 or older, are eligible for a discounted collection rate. Proof of age and home ownership must be presented to Groot with a valid ID. Proof of home ownership and age can be sent to Please contact Groot at (847) 734-6400 for more details.

White Goods/Appliances:

Groot will collect refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, washers, dryers, dishwashers, hot water tanks, dehumidifiers, and other white goods for a per item fee. Residents must call Groot at (847) 734-6400 to schedule collection of white goods and for pricing. Items should not be placed at the curb until the evening before the scheduled collection.

Observed HolidaysObserved Holidays

  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • 4th of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

If the holiday falls on a weekday, on or before your scheduled collection, service will be delayed by one day for the remainder of the holiday week. If the holiday falls on Sunday, it will be observed on Monday and service will be delayed one day the entire week.

Yard Waste Collection Program:

First full week of April through the second full week of December each year.

An unlimited amount of properly prepared yard waste bags or resident owned 32 gallon rigid containers (under 50 pounds) will be collected curbside each week.

Yard Waste Cart:

Residents will have the option to rent a 95 gallon cart designated for yard waste only for an annual rate. Residents choosing to utilize the 95 gallon cart will have the option to comingle food scraps with their yard waste. Please see below for acceptable food scrap items.

Coffee ground and tea leavesTeabags and coffee liners
FruitsMeat, poultry or seafood (no shells or bones)
VegetablesGlass, plastics or styrofoam
Breads and grainsDiapers, pet litter or waste
Pasta and cerealLiquids, grease or oil
Dairy (no liquids), cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt, butterPaper products (paper towels, plates, napkins, egg cartons, pizza boxes)

Grass clippings, leaves, twigs, garden debris, weeds, fruits, seeds, stalks, vines, bark and wood chips may be placed at the curb on the regularly scheduled pick up day in biodegradable paper “kraft” bags or containers not to exceed 33 gallons in size or 50 pounds. Bags are preferred to be rolled and crimped closed and be easily lifted to waist height and must not exceed 50lbs.

Brush and branches up to 4 feet must be bundled with twine (wire or plastic is not acceptable) 4’ or less in length and 2’ or less in diameter at the base and easily lifted to waist height. Landscape waste does not include wood timbers, plastic edging, plant pots or trays, fertilizer or landscape material bags, landscape fabric, root sections, sand, gravel, sod, firewood or animal waste.

Christmas Tree Collection:

Groot Industries will provide free collection of Christmas trees on the two (2) consecutive regular pick-up weeks after Christmas at no additional cost each year.

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