McHenry County Special Services


1. Limited Standard Refuse Service:

Service includes collection of household garbage limited to one 95 gallon refuse cart. Additional garbage placed outside the cart will require a sticker for collection. Bagged garbage can not exceed 32 gallons in size or 50 pounds in weight. One bulk item (non-appliance) will be collected each week for no additional charge. Refuse is required to be out by 6:00 a.m. each week.

All residents will receive a new 95 gallon refuse cart. Residents will have the option however, to downgrade to a smaller cart size. (65 or 35 gallon cart) If after 60 days you are dissatisfied with your 95 gallon cart you may contact Groot to downgrade to a smaller cart. As with the 95 gallon cart, any household garbage placed outside a 65 or 35 gallon cart will require a sticker for collection.


Days of weekly collection will be as follows:

  • Service Area 1: Friday
  • Service Area 2: Monday
  • Service Area 3: Wednesday

Please refer to the service map to determine your service area.

2. Pay-Per-Bag Refuse Program:

As an alternate option to the standard level of service found above, residents can take advantage of the pay-per-bag option. This program allows residents to purchase stickers for household garbage bags to be put out at the curb on a weekly basis.

Stickers are available at the following locations:

-Wonder Foods: 7505 Hancock Drive| Wonder Lake

-Sunnyside Mobil: 4304 N. Johnsburg Road| McHenry

Service requires that one paid refuse sticker be affixed to each bag not to exceed 32 gallons in size or 50 pounds in weight, put out for weekly collection. The cost for the refuse sticker is $3.12 per sticker. The required recycling service with a 95 gallon cart is $9.53 a month. Please note that if you generate more than one bag of refuse per week, the standard level of service will be more cost effective.



Both refuse collection programs previously listed include a 95 gallon cart for recycling that will be collected on an every other week basis. For a complete list of recyclables click here . Every other week recycling collection will be as follows:

Service Area 1: Residents located on Memory Trail or south of Memory Trail will be collected on week 1. Those located north of Memory Trail will be collected on week 2.

Service Area 2: Residents located north of McCollum Lake Rd will be collected on week 1. Those located south of McCollum Lake Rd will be on week 2.

Service Area 3: Residents located on Ringwood Rd and north of Ringwood Rd, or east of Pistakee Dr will be collected on week 1. Those located on Pistakee Dr and west of Pistakee Dr south of Ringwood Rd will be collected on week 2.

• Please refer to service map to verify your recycling collection schedule in relation to your service area. MATCH YOUR COLOR TO YOUR DAY

Yard Waste• Please note recycling will be the only service collected on an every-other-week basis. Refuse service will be collected on a weekly basis.

Yard Waste:

Included in the refuse program, participating Residents receive the following services for yard waste disposal:

Unlimited Yard Waste Collection: Residents who have a need to dispose of yard waste will have the opportunity to put out unlimited bags for weekly curbside collection from April 1st through the second full week of December. Proper yard waste containers include biodegradable bags or cans that are clearly marked Yard Waste Only. Bags or cans can not exceed 34 gallons in size or 50 pounds in weight.

Yard waste which is too bulky to be placed in a bag, such as branches or brush, must be securely tied with twine and bundled. Bundles may not exceed 4 feet in length and 50 pounds. Each branch shall not exceed 2 inches in diameter with the total bundle diameter not to exceed 18 inches.

Collection of yard waste will occur on the same day as your refuse collection.


Curbside Leaf Collection: During the first full week of May and the third full week of October and November residents located in the selected areas will receive leaf vacuuming services.  We ask residents to rake their leaves all the way to the curb, which should be free of any parked vehicles in order to receive collection.  To take advantage of this service, make sure your leaves are curbside by 6:00 a.m. on the Monday of each week.  Groot will be making one pass by every home located within the identified service areas.

Please note, Groot will not perform collection if branches/rocks/garbage are found mixed in with your leaves.  Leaves that are put out after we have serviced the area or are prepared incorrectly will not be collected; however, you may take advantage of the unlimited yard waste program listed above on your normal service day.  If you have questions on how to properly prepare your leaves, please call one of our customer White Goodsservice representatives at 1-877-40-GROOT.


"White Goods" (Appliances):

White goods such as refrigerators, freezers, ovens, washers, window and central air conditioners, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, dryers, water heaters, water softeners, dishwashers, stoves, ranges, furnaces etc. require a special pick up and separate disposal is required by the state. A $45.00 fee is charged per item for collection. Residents must call and schedule a pick up in advance.

Tough Items:

Fluorescent bulbs, needles, paint, tires ect... create special problems, please click here for help.

Observed Holidays

  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

*If the Holiday falls on a Sunday, Monday will be an off day with service delayed one day the remainder of the week.


Why must my refuse and recycling cart be four feet apart at the curbside?

Groot utilizes fully automated collection vehicles that use robotic arms to pick-up and dump the carts. We also ask that you keep the carts away from your mailbox and any other object that may hinder automated collection.

Do I have to contact Groot to sign up for the limited standard service level?

No, you will automatically be enrolled in the standard refuse program, if you do not contact us.


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