Construction Recycling Services

Groot Industries offers its construction customers the ability to have jobsite wastes recycled. Customers have the option to either choose to separate various materials into individual containers or combine recyclable materials into one common container. Separation of the material on site into different containers will result in substantially cheaper prices per load; combining construction recyclables into a common receptacle may result in fewer loads. Depending on the size and location constraints of the jobsite, Groot can help you create the most cost efficient method.

Whichever method you choose, Groot can recycle the majority of your jobsite debris using either our own facilities or a network of qualified construction and demolition recycling plants. We will provide tracking and documentation for your project whether it is a requirement for a municipality or a L.E.E.D.S project.

The construction materials we recycle are roofing shingles, untreated wood, drywall, metal, cardboard, clean dirt, concrete, brick and electrical wiring.

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