Construction Dumpster

Construction Dumpster

 Whether your construction project is large or small, debris removal always poses a challenge. At Groot Industries, it's our priority to find the right construction dumpster for your work site. With a wide selection of construction waste containers and affordable prices, we're the top choice for construction projects throughout the Chicago area.

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Container Rental
Residents and businesses use Groot services to handle their waste removal needs. From small home remodeling projects to large-scale construction jobs spanning multiple months, we have a dumpster that can handle the project. Because our construction waste containers can be easily rolled away, we can replace a dumpster as many times as is necessary over the course of a project.

We also provide construction dumpster rental for demolition projects. Many crews find that having a construction dumpster on site makes debris removal much easier following the destruction. We also handle LEED recycling for projects that have either been certified or are attempting to be certified as a leader in green building design.

Affordable Prices

Each project has a unique set of needs, based on size and debris quantity. Groot works with each customer to craft a solution that will meet its needs at the lowest rate possible. Our construction dumpster rental cost makes it easy to find a roll-off option that works for any construction project.

We've been providing quality services to Greater Chicago businesses and residents since 1914. When a request comes in for a construction dumpster, we are able to respond quickly, thanks to our GPS-equipped trucks that help us locate the closest applicable dumpster to a location. This GPS also allows Groot to track each commercial dumpster drop-off to prevent errors.

Recycling Options

When you rent a construction dumpster from Groot, we'll dispose of your waste to your specifications, recycling when applicable. We give our customers the option to set up a separate construction dumpster for each type of material at a substantial cost savings. Debris can also be combined into one construction dumpster for separation by Groot staff at a higher rate.

If you need to rent construction dumpsters, Groot has a wide variety of options. With a focus on customer service, we'll help you stay on budget while also meeting your timelines. We have our own network of recycling facilities that expedite the process of responsibly disposing of debris and trash from construction sites. When combined with our fast service and attention to customer service, Groot Industries is the perfect choice for all of your construction dumpster needs.

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