Commercial Multi-Family and Multi-Tenant Recycling

Groot Industries offers flexible commercial recycling services to businesses, multi-family housing, multi-tenant office buildings, and schools. We will meet with your organization and develop a program for recycling that fits the needs of your occupants and is suitable for your building. A few of the things we will help you with include:

  • Space: We work with you to identify a practical location where recyclables can be collected
  • Access: We help you find the appropriate place outside the building where our trucks can easily pick up your recyclables.
  • Materials: We will assess the types of materials and the quantities that you would like to recycle.
  • Equipment: We can offer you a wide range of equipment to collect commercial recyclables, from wheeled carts, to recycling bins for placement under desks, to stand alone cardboard receptacles, outdoor all weather receptacles, to large exterior containers. Restaurants, fast food establishments and larger volume customers can be provided with on-site compactors to help save space and control commercial recycling costs.
  • Education: We help educate and engage company management, facility staff, and tenants to create a successful recycling program. Educational posters and flyers are distributed and posted in suitable locations.

Typically most business and multi-family establishments recycle the same items as homes; these items can be viewed on our What to Recycle page.

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