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Slide 6 | Before the invention of the dumpster, the city of Chicago required plaques on every building to identify garbage disposal company



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Slide 16 | Groot Innovation: 1st Generation Walk-In Cab



Slide 17 | Groot Innovation: 1st Generation Walk-In Cab



Slide 18 | 1964 2nd Generation Walk-In Cab



Slide 19 | 1968 Roll-Off Truck



Slide 20 | 1974 Rear Loader



Slide 21 | This One Never Took Off



Groot Industries, Inc. is the largest independent solid waste management services provider in the State of Illinois. The company and its subsidiaries have provided solid waste collection and other vital public services to northeastern Illinois municipalities and businesses since 1914. Our company represents over 90 years of experience in this business.


The methods of managing solid waste have changed significantly. In the past, managing solid waste focused on collection and disposal. Today there is a focus on integrated solid waste management, including source reduction of waste, recycling, landscape waste management, and a multitude of special items including electronic waste, white goods, fluorescent lamps, and construction and demolition debris. The goal of integrated waste management is to minimize, to the extent practical, the amount of waste that must ultimately be disposed. Groot Industries has the experience not only in collecting solid waste, but also in processing and marketing a wide range of materials.


Northern Illinois represents Groot's market niche. This is an advantage because our attention is not diverted from our customers' needs by projects in other regions or states. Moreover, as a local company, we can better assure the attention of all levels of management is on the needs of our customers.


Being family owned and operated, we have a strong interest in your level of satisfaction with our service. We believe we are uniquely positioned to be of service to you. Please contact us today.

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